around 30 children with various types of disabilities.


Construction of 3 wooden houses to offer new spaces to La Lucciola Onlus to resume their activities after the earthquake that hit Emilia in May 2012.

Project details


Francesca Rava Foundation helps children in difficult conditions in Italy and worldwide, through distance adoptions, projects, activities to raise awareness about children’s rights, voluntary and represents in Italy the humanitarian international organization N.P.H. – Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (our little brothers) founded in 1954 by Father W. B. Wasson, who since then has saved thousands of orphans abandoned in his houses and hospitals in Latin America.

The Center for Integrated Care for Children “La Lucciola” is a rehabilitation facility that accommodates children and teenagers in the age group 3-18 years old with physical, mental and multiple disabilities: infant cerebral palsy, neurological syndromes, Down syndrome and other genetic syndromes, mental retardation, autism spectrum disorders, learning and social development disabilities.

The Centre operates in an original and innovative way that implements theoretical approaches of neurorehabilitation, of active pedagogy and analytic psychotherapy according to a unified operating practice.


The earthquake of 2012 in Emilia Romagna made unusable the place where the rehabilitation center carried out its activities.

Together with other organizations the Foundation in no time allowed to restart activities, contributing to the construction of three small wooden houses that allowed the center to continue its work.


Contribution to the construction of n. 1 wooden house of the complex


The earthquake in Emilia, Lombardy and Veneto in 2012 was a seismic event consisting in a series of seismic shocks located in the district of the Padana Emiliana plain, mainly in the provinces of Modena, Ferrara, Mantova, Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Rovigo.
The two major earthquakes caused a total of 27 victims (22 in the collapse, three for heart attack or sudden illness and two for injuries), and brought to their knees most villages in Emilia where people found themselves homeless and with no reference institutions.


Questo progetto è parte del Programma di Intervento Break The Barriers, che ha come obiettivo il sostegno e la promozione di progetti che aiutino le fasce più deboli della popolazione in Italia e nei Paesi in Via di Sviluppo, dove condizioni di povertà, malattie, malnutrizione e complesse situazioni sociali invalidano o riducono le aspettative di vita. La Fondazione vuole promuovere interventi a favore della salute, l’istruzione e l’integrazione sociale e vuole farlo andando, ove possibile, a misurare l’impatto del proprio intervento allo scopo di migliorarlo continuamente.


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