I came to know about the Foundation thanks to my friend Elena. Every time she came back to Ancona or we would chat on the phone, she would tell me what had been achieved and talk about the projects that were in the pipeline. Later, she got me involved in fund raising. I accepted because I wanted to spend a day doing something different and it was so different that I have now been part of the ABF volunteer team for 4 years. I was a little unsure at the beginning because talking to strangers is not really in my nature, but I let myself be swept up in the enthusiasm of those around me. The energy that flowed between everyone was infectious and made the initial impact become a real relationship based on solidarity and I got to work. I feel like a little drop of water in a big ocean because the work I do is nothing in comparison to the great ambition of the Foundation’s projects, but to see them brought to fruition, with everyone’s effort, makes me happy. We do not live for ourselves alone. We give a little of our love to others and life feels much more rewarding.