Carissimi, la vita è un dono, è un privilegio da celebrare ad ogni respiro; esistere è uno stupefacente mistero cui affidarsi con piena fiducia.

Dear ABF friends,

life is a gift, is a privilege to celebrate every time we breathe; existence is an amazing mystery to trust with full confidence. When, deeply moved, I join my hands in prayer, my gratitude for my adventure on earth commands, strongly, to bless the one that of life is the main partner and friend: ‘Sister Death’, as St. Francis used to call her, who provides us with time, growth and change.

Dear friends, life is a gift that we receive and we give. Mindful of this, I would like to ask that you consider a choice: a bequest in favor of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation – an act longer than your whole life.

Every existence is unique and memorable, and it is part of a much higher project that does not end and is not confined within human criteria and boundaries, a project whose fundamental substance, language and money is love. It is looking at that divine project, which welcomes all of us, and which we can just guess in its immense beauty that I am asking you to reflect on the possibility of a great gesture of love: becoming donors of an extraordinary gift, that does not expect anything in return.

With a donation, you will make your life a work of art. Together, we will celebrate life beyond ours, in the smiles of so many children who, thanks to ABF projects, will have the possibility of a future. In those smiles, you will see a reflection of yourselves. Quoting the Russian-Soviet poet Boris Pasternak: “You have been in others and you will remain in others. And what difference does it make to you if later on that is called your memory? This will be you – the you that enters the future and becomes a part of it”.

Andrea Bocelli



A legacy to ABF – independently from its value – is a gesture of enormous value for our projects and can do so that your engagement for a future of opportunity and beauty, continues also after your death.
All the information you will provide us will remain completely confidential and will be treated in the best way respecting your privacy.

Please fill in the form below or if you prefer to contact us directly, please, use one of the references of the ‘Legacy program manager’ listed hereafter: – Tel. (+39) 055.295475

To enter the future

With a legacy to ABF you can grow talents and bring education, care and hope to entire communities in Italy and all over the World. It is a choice that honors your memory and makes your commitment for a future of opportunities and beauty lasts forever.

Per entrare a far parte del futuro

Leave a lasting sign of your passage, support our projects.

Leave a legacy to ABF

There are many ways you can support ABF’s programs, both during your lifetime and through your estate plans.

Many people have chosen to express their commitment to empowering people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, distress by remembering ABF in their wills.

We recommend that you consult an estate planning professional who can evaluate your individual circumstances and create or update a plan that is appropriate for you.

We at ABF would be happy to discuss your planned giving options with you or to guide you in selecting a qualified estate planning advisor.

Suggested Wording

Gifts (money or goods) that do not restrict the Foundation’s use (unrestricted gifts) are especially appreciated by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and are of more value as they allow the Foundation to channel resources where the needs are the greatest. The Foundation is also grateful for gifts (money or goods) that are designated for a specific purpose that advances its mission (restricted gifts), such as support to a specific initiative or for a specific program.

If you are interested in making a restricted gift, it is important that you include the language of the following example, to ensure that the Foundation may re-direct the use of your gift if the specified initiative, program, or purpose ceases to need funds in the future:

I John Smith, born in New York on March the 5th 1951, give, devise, and bequeath to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation the sum of 10.000 dollars ($10.000) or _________(goods) to be used for the [insert name of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation project] for so long as the Foundation determines that the need exists.

Should the need no longer exist, the Foundation may, in its sole discretion, direct the use of my bequest for a purpose related as closely as possible to that stated above.

New York, October the 15th 2011

John Smith

Each of your choices is a precious resource you can turn into a future of opportunities


You can donate a musical instrument to the Camerino Music Academy

Fornitura di acqua potabile per un anno ai 400mila abitanti dello slum di Cité Soleil in Haiti.


Supply of drinking water for a year to the 400,000 inhabitants of the slum of Cité Soleil in Haiti.

Copertura dei costi di funzionamento per un anno di una scuola ABF in Haiti.


Operating cost coverage for one year of an ABF school in Haiti.

ABF runs two programs

Progetti break the barriers
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Luisa, ABF donor in Turin

Death is the natural crowning of a process that begins with our birth. Our journey away from this world will be the most intense experience of our life: we must not fear it, but try to turn it into a gesture of solidarity.

For this reason I have decided to make a bequest in favor of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, because I believe that to do Good is a gesture of extraordinary vitality.

I am therefore happy to give myself this sweet privilege, to be present in facts, to be useful (and – why not? – receive affectionate thoughts), even when my body will no longer inhabit this world, to be the driving force of an important change for those who – not even knowing my name – will benefit from my choice.

I have chosen ABF for I trust its founder and his philanthropic projects, the result of his being an artist, and therefore a visionary, having at the same time the concreteness of the typically peasant culture, where Andrea Bocelli comes from.

I am pleased to see that besides the engaging commitments in far and particularly needy countries, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation has taken initiatives to support people in need also in Italy. Hoping that this line will be further developed, I am pleased to tell about my commitment on ABF side.
I also hope that many people will follow my example, considering that Good is the essence of life, that memory is life, and hope, wherever it grows, is always and anyway life.


Luisa, donatrice ABF di Torino