Hello Mara, it does not happen so often that a celebrity such as yourself so promptly stands up for a cause. Why did you immediately, and enthusiastically, accept and decide to take part in this project?

I have been following the trajectory of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation for quite some time now and I find it very genuine and transparent, built on passion and heart, which is why I immediately took up the initiative when I was told about the new project that it wanted to carry out in the areas affected by the 2016 earthquake, welcoming Andrea and Veronica to Domenica In TV show to talk about it together. And they “knocked me over” with their energy and their enthusiasm. I like what they do and the gravitas that they have brought to ABF.


Earthquakes lead to silence. This project aims to give back sound to the 160 students who will become the musicians of tomorrow, students, but above all, young people with hopes and dreams. Do you see a bit of yourself in these children? How much can a dream help us overcome difficult or challenging moments?

Dreams are plans, which is why I love to bring together dreams and plans, something that I consider fundamental in the lives of young people. In this case, they are all young people with a love for music, and this is the reason why I feel that giving them back a space where they can learn and practice is a project that offers hope, which speaks of dreams and the future, because they are our future and it is right, as in this case, that we should help them to achieve their aspirations. Young people must be able to have dreams and plans, because in this world it is extremely important that they are passionate for what they would like to do, which in this case is love for music. And I have to smile, because, as you know, the new evening TV show that will start in December and that I will present is called “La Porta dei Sogni” – The Door of Dreams.


“Con te partirò” is the song that distinguished the fundraising campaign. However, it is also a song that you are particularly attached to, isn’t it?

I am attached to this song, but to Andrea first and foremost. We’ve known each other since we were taking the first steps in our careers, and that is exactly what I associate it with, to a beginning, a starting point. He had won Sanremo Music Festival, I was in my first season of Domenica In TV show. We were starting out in this world that we now belong to, almost in parallel, and then one day I was called for an important advertising campaign and together with the script, which included a series of scenarios of me around our beautiful Italy, from the Dolomites to Etna, they had me listen to this song, the soundtrack they had chosen, and it was none other than this song from Andrea… It is a journey that began then and that continues to this day with a “special thank you” to Andrea who, despite the fact that we have had few chances to meet each other in recent years, I feel a great amount of affection and esteem.


The Andrea Bocelli Foundation has always carried out charitable projects with a speed that is unusual for Italy. Will you be attending the inauguration ceremony in Camerino?

Absolutely, yes, I will do my best to be there, to be with you, with Andrea, and with the children of Camerino because now I also feel part of your “family”.