I have always been firmly convinced that a shared life, a shared talent are a mutual gift in the daily life of every human being, both for those who receive and for those who give. I am a very lucky man, I am 27 years old and I have realized, with hard work, perseverance, study, constant work, my greatest dream: to make of my vocation my life. Music is my present, my future, my muse.

I lost my father when I was 11, he had cancer. I saw a certainty, a rock of my family, going out and fading away. Pain was initially a wall and then it became a resource. I started writing songs and singing as a form of dialogue with him. The greatest legacy that my father, while struggling for his life, left me was to understand that I had in my hands a magnificent adventure, an extraordinary opportunity: to grab with strength every single moment of my existence by putting myself at the service of light and beauty. Music is the instrument that allows me to be a beacon in my daily life.

I met the Andrea Bocelli Foundation a few months ago, thanks to Father Marco, Laura, Veronica and Andrea. A chain of love and humanity that has captured, attracted, imprisoned me. The energy that, with a simple glance, these special souls were able to transmit to me, was irreversible and contagious. The projects that the Foundation has carried out and that continues to support and realize are concrete, transparent and ambitious. The enthusiasm of all the volunteers and all the members of this wonderful “Family”, every little or big gesture by the donors and supporters of the Foundation, are all drops in an ocean of ​​charity and hope.

Stretching out our hands to others is a gesture of profound love that makes us human and increases our inner richness.

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