On October 2, the demolition of the “E. De Amicis” pre-school and elementary school in Muccia began, which had been rendered unfit for use by the disastrous earthquake swarm in 2016.

Thanks to the project of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, the rubble will be cleared away to make space for the construction of a new functional and safe building.

After the demolition work has been concluded, the Fire Department will hand the site over to the Foundation. “These activities are part of our work in the earthquake crater – stated the Macerata Fire Captain Pierpaolo Patrizietti – the greatest satisfaction and pleasure comes from working on schedule and keeping our word”.

Tuesday began with a slow procession of citizens, who were moved by seeing the demolition works. At 8:30 am the students of the elementary school also arrived, together with the Mayor Mario Baroni: together with their teachers, the children watched the work begin, asking the Fire Department, the field engineer and the site engineer questions.

“Every day we are working to foster dialog between the public and private sectors – emphasized Laura Biancalani, ABF President – as we are convinced that this is the only way possible to truly bring together demands, needs and – why not – dreams too. In addition to working side-by-side with the specialists and the Special Commissioner for the Reconstruction, we stand beside the families and young students who dream of a colorful school that is filled with light and opportunity”.

The approach is the same taken in the reconstruction project implemented by the Foundation in partnership with the Only the Brave Foundation in Sarnano: to give back to the whole community the points of reference of a transformed and still precarious daily life. Once again, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation has given itself 150 days from the date on which the site will be handed over by the Municipality.

There were many teary eyes in Muccia, with the Mayor sending a highly positive message to the children and their teachers: “Despite the strong emotions, despite the fact that 95% of our homes are still uninhabitable, today we bear witness to a new beginning for our community, which will soon have its first public building…. A school for our children, the future of Muccia”.

“Heartfelt thanks go to everyone who has been and will continue to be close to us – stated Vice-Chairman Veronica Berti, wife of Andrea Bocelli: “Our thoughts and our love go to those who have allowed this project to begin by donating through the SMS Solidarity Campaign for the project, which was promoted between August 26 and September 11”.

If you would like, you can continue to send donations to donate.andreabocellifoundation.org or by contacting info@andreabocellifoundation.org.