ABF has devised a control model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 (hereafter referred to as the “231 Model”) to address the regulation of administrative liability applicable to entities.

Such entities may incur liability and subsequent sanctions concerning specific crimes committed or attempted, either in the interest of or to the advantage of the entity itself, by individuals occupying “top positions” or acting as “subordinates.” Notwithstanding, an entity may absolve itself of liability by demonstrating that it has “adopted and effectively implemented” a control model capable of preventing the commission of such offenses.

The ABF model comprises the Board of Statutory Auditors, the Supervisory Board (SB), an external entity tasked with certifying financial statements (KMPG), and quarterly accounting controls.


Annual report

Governance, projects and main figures of ABF mission: empowering people and communities

Emoluments disclosure

Hiring date Role (Gross Annual Salary)
Apr-16 President 82.265,00 €
Dec-20 President of the Board of Auditors Deborah Sassorissi 3.806,40 €
Dec-20 Board Member Stefano Monti 1.903,20 €
5.709,60 €

Destination Projects of the 5×1000 Contribution *

Below are the 5×1000 allocation projects in recent years:

  • 2017 (funds received in 2019): Reconstruction ABF Music Academy “F. Corelli” of Camerino.
  • 2018-2019 (funds received in 2020): Reconstruction ABF Music Academy “F. Corelli” of Camerino.
  • 2020 (funds received in 2021): Reconstruction of the Professional school for industry and handicraft – IPSIA “R. Frau” of San Ginesio.
  • 2021 (funds received in 2022): Reconstruction of the Professional school for industry and handicraft – IPSIA “R. Frau” of San Ginesio.

* In Italy the 5×1000 Contribution is a percentage of Personal Income Tax (IRPEF) determined on the basis of income. Through the tax return it is possible to choose to whom to donate this amount of taxes among the entities included in the 5 × 1000 lists.

Legislative Decree 231/2001

Model 231

The voluntary adoption of this model by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation was undertaken to enhance protective and guarantee mechanisms aligned with its mission. This initiative underscores the core values of transparency, ethics, and fairness, which are manifested through actions and attitudes characterized by adherence, compliance, and respect for regulations.

Code of Ethics

The Board of Directors ratified the Code of Ethics of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation concurrently with Model 231. The Code of Ethics incorporates best practices, sets forth the guiding principles of ABF’s operations, makes a distinction between behaviors that comply with the Code and those which do not comply with the Code, and is intended to guide individual behavior by minimizing arbitrariness.

The Supervisory Body

The Supervisory Body (SB) oversees the functioning, effectiveness and compliance of the Model, as well as the synergies between the Code of Ethics and the Model. The Supervisory Body, appointed by the Board of Directors, operates in accordance with clearly defined tasks and functions, in line with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2001.