Dearest Friends,
At the end of a complex year that was filled with significant challenges that required so many people around the world to call upon extra resources of energy and hope, here we are in the run-up to the Christmas holidays, with the perfect opportunity to be able to decrease our anxieties and worries and focus on the beauty and poetry of this holy holiday that expresses triumphant life.
It is time for everyone to have a joyful moment of recollection, to share with those who are dearest to us. That is why I am turning to you, friends, donors, volunteers and employees of the foundation that bears my name. You who are our second family and travel companions on an adventure that this year celebrated its 10th anniversary.
Over the last few days we have celebrated ABF’s 10th anniversary in the United States, at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, symbolically celebrating with each of you, remembering that – when we combine forces – even the most ambitious dream can blossom and become opportunity for many of the most vulnerable people.
We retraced the important moments of the Foundation, we were able to embrace many dear friends of ABF and collect significant testimonies of appreciation, starting with the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella.
As I will never tire of saying, every applause, every word of appreciation, I like to think has been addressed to you, whispered to the hearts of all those people who over these 10 years have in any way taken up the mantle of our mission.
We are starting again with the same passion, propelling ourselves into a 2022 in which the foundation will continue to honor its mission focused on education and empowering talent.
In the meantime, together with my family, I would like to wish you a peaceful Christmas, filled with happiness for everyone, wishing that the hope that has accompanied us during this difficult period will soon become a reality.

Andrea Bocelli