A year after it was opened (on May 2, 2018), Sarnano middle school is preparing for a joyful, resonant and peaceful invasion from around one thousand students from comprehensive musical institutes and high schools with a focus on dance from the Marche region.

Festive and creative, the full-day event, entitled “Si – Fa Musica Insieme” (Yes – Let’s Make Music Together), is held on May 13, both inside and outside of the school that was donated to the local administration by the “Andrea Bocelli Foundation” and “Only the Brave Foundation” (which was built in exactly the same place as the school that was hit by the earthquake in 2016). Guests will be able to use the rich array of instruments found in the school’s music and multimedia rooms, which it has thanks to the contribution of the SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers).

The event, which is imbued with symbolic value, is a sign of the cultural rebirth of a close and vibrant community and is part of the “Settimana nazionale della musica a scuola”, the National Week dedicated to Music in Schools (May 13-19), conceived by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research to be the living testimony to the vital importance of the musical activities that are put on throughout the year in schools.

Thus, the “Leopardi” school in Sarnano – which come the next school year will be a fully-fledged middle school with a focus on music – will be the theater for dozens of musical and dance performances put on by the students, in order to introduce the participating students to different musical forms, other than their own, emphasizing the great value of music: the universal language of fellowship, harmony, dialog and unity.

The guests on the outdoor stage of “Si – Fa Musica Insieme” will include two exceptional volunteers from the Andrea Bocelli Foundation: Ilaria Della Bidia and Matteo Bocelli.