The Governor of the Marche region, Luca Ceriscioli, extends his “thanks” for the commitment of the Foundation and its founder, Maestro Andrea Bocelli, in supporting the COVID-19 emergency in the region.

Macerata, April 9 – The ward is ready and the staff are already working to admit the first in-bound patients. This morning in Macerata, with Bishop Monsignor Marconi and the Director of the Metropolitan Area, Alessandro Maccioni, in attendance, the COVID-19 emergency ward was opened with 30 new beds. Many of the beds are monitored for emergency medical care. iPads are also available within the building to allow video calls to patients’ families. The news that ABF was donating these beds was reported just a few days ago, which sees the Foundation renew its commitment to continue supporting the Marche region and the areas affected by the 2016 earthquake in particular, where the Foundation has been working on rebuilding projects for some time now.

A fruitful collaboration between institutions and a private foundation that has made it possible to achieve great results for our communities, in the past schools and hospitals today: the hospital of Camerino with the 4 lung ventilators and PPE and the ward in Macerata – said Governor Ceriscioli – This is a great donation, for which we thank the Founder Andrea Bocelli for his energy, his spirit and his presence. They represent a source of great value for us and have been able to provide strength to our institutions in recent years”.

“When I came to the Marche region in 2017, the first word that welcomed me and that still echoes in my heart today, as well as in the hearts of all ABF’s staff, was “thank you”. It was heartfelt thanks, which came from the many people we had chosen to support through ABF” – says Maestro Bocelli – “Gratitude and trust borne from action. Gratitude and trust that we take on with great responsibility because it is testimony to esteem. The esteem that we hope to continue to be worthy of by continuing to give our contribution to a region, the Marche, that we feel connected to, as well as our entire country.”

ABF continues to work to raise funds on “ – ABF for the COVID-19 emergency” to help and support the work of additional wards and hospitals.  You can also send your donation in other ways by writing to

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