Mexico City February 20, 2019 – The affinity of their intentions, values and, above all, missions has led the Andrea Bocelli Foundation (ABF) and Carlos Slim Foundation to join forces during the meeting that took place in Mexico City.

Thanks to a scholarship program and on-line educational platforms, Carlos Slim and the foundation that bears his name provide millions of young Mexicans and Spanish speaking children the opportunity to develop their talents. These are young people who wouldn’t have otherwise the chance to access education and vocational training. The mission that ABF has been trying to fulfill since its inception is very much alike: to offer – to each person and community in which they choose to work – the opportunity to express their potential.

By using, an on-line education platform developed by the Carlos Slim Foundation, the range of the impact is broadened to larger audiences and enhances the already existing music programs by making them available on-line for free based on the method that ABF is currently developing.

By sharing their experiences and the backgrounds of the projects they have created, the ABF and Carlos Slim Foundations have decided to join forces with the creation of scholarships to study music at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Vocational training and education: two themes which share the same mission – to create and nurture talents.

Also this collaboration will help strengthen the ophthalmology surgeries campaigns currently supported by the Carlos Slim Foundation.

Furthermore, the Carlos Slim Foundation has decided to support the work of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation to help in providing access to digital education to the almost 3,000 students in Haiti attending the schools built by ABF (along with their local partner, Fondation St Luc) located in five of the most remote and poorest communities of the country.

The two philanthropic organizations’ mutual appreciation was also acknowledged in 2017, when Carlos Slim was given the Andrea Bocelli Humanitarian Award, and this deference is solidified today in these significant shared objectives and visions.

This day of gathering and shared purpose was then celebrated in an event organized by the Carlos Slim Foundation in honor of ABF’s founder, Maestro Andrea Bocelli, and ABF. During the evening, Vice-Chair Veronica Berti stressed how behind the creation of the foundation there lay the desire to create a living lab in which many people, from all over the world, could join forces to help those who deserve it in order to live the best life possible. This collaboration between the two foundations represents a tangible, bright and virtuous example of this