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Number of students involved


Number of teachers


Number of Members of Woodwinds Orchestra of “Città Di Camerino“


Number of inhabitants in Camerino


  • Maintain continuity in access to music education.
  • Offer a suitable, permanent structure.
  • Give a tangible sign to the community that everyday life is being restored.
  • Offer a point of reference to the communities.
  • Consolidate local projects to create an integrated project system.

Project details


ABF direct Intervention project


Special Commissioner for the Reconstruction from Italian Government, Regional School Office (URS) of the Marques Region, Camerino City Council.


After building the ‘Giacomo Leopardi’ school in Sarnano and the pre-school and elementary school in Muccia, in the province of Macerata, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation has dedicated a new project in Camerino, in the Marche, to building the new Music Academy, which was destroyed by the earthquake swarm that hit Central Italy in 2016 and has continued to torment the area ever since.

The project, which will benefit over 160 students, thanks to the agreement that is already in place with the Conservatory of Fermo, allows the new building to hold not only the lessons for enrolled students, but to also act as a campus for the conservatory, thereby taking on an even more important role within the area. The Municipality of Camerino, local associations, the University, music-centered high schools and the Conservatory of Fermo are all involved in the project, with the latter exceptionally already granting a long-term agreement.

ABF did not merely construct the building, but – together with the institutions mentioned above – will embark on a path to bolster and make the music-centered building self-sustainable, establishing it within a network with the other local and national experiences organized and managed by ABF, where possible.

The new building, built with modern, anti-seismic construction techniques, houses themed classrooms, common areas and an auditorium.


The Andrea Bocelli Foundation – within a direct tender framework – will be in charge of the reconstruction works of the school, while the coordination activities will be handled by the central and local offices of the Special Commissioner for the Reconstruction.


On August  24th 2016 at 3.36 am a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit the central part of Italy, namely the territories of Abruzzo, Lazio, Marches and Umbria. Thousands of people were involved in the event which left 299 dead, several injured and caused serious damages on the territories.

On October 26th and 30th new violent shocks hit Central Italy, in particular the border between Umbria and the Marches. The tremor recorded on October 30th had a 6.5 magnitude, and it was the strongest in the last 30 years: the number of stranded people and the amount of damages grew exponentially, although no victims were reported.


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