Number of children involved every year

11year olds

Age group involved: 3-11 year olds


  • Offering an experience of child-students-families integration and experimentation with the new facility.
  • Promoting the concept of school as an educational, cultural and social center of reference for the entire community, creating new and different contexts of meeting and sharing within the school, and offering strategies and tools to live in - exploiting all its potential - daily.
  • Introducing boys and girls into the new school context.
  • Promoting practices of self care, of the others and the environment that welcomes us.
  • Supporting teachers in acquiring strategies to apply the available features and tools of the new facility and the different teaching methodological possibilities to be undertaken in support of teaching innovation.

Project details


“Mons. Paoletti” School in Pieve Torina (MC) and the Municipality of Muccia.


ABF incurs:

  • The costs for running the Summer Camp.
  • The logistical organization.
  • Pedagogical coordination of activities.
  • Training of staff.
  • Conceptual design, documentation and monitoring, and the evaluation of the activities undertaken.


Following on from the inauguration of the new “E. De Amicis” school complex, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation now runs the ABF Summer Camp in July every year, welcoming boys and girls, their teachers and their families from the Municipality of Muccia and the surrounding areas. 15 days of activities take place in the new building, offering a new place for meeting, research and discovery where the children – and the adults, teachers and parents – can come together and share in the pleasure of learning, of being together and of caring for oneself, others and the environment around us.

The project is focused on the acquisition of the awareness of the value of taking care of oneself, others and the environment around us, specifically through the use of the expressive and digital languages. This is undertaken and achieved thanks to a diverse team with a wealth of knowledge: volunteers, atelieristas, experts, educators and teachers, as well as the auxiliary staff and canteen staff.


On August 24, 2016 at 3.36 am a 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit the central part of Italy, namely the territories of Abruzzo, Lazio, Marches and Umbria. Thousands of people were involved in the event which left 299 dead, several injured and caused serious damages on the territories. On October 26th and 30th new violent shocks hit Central Italy, in particular the border between Umbria and the Marches. The tremor recorded on October 30 – 6.5 on the Richter Scale – was the strongest to hit Italy in the last 30 years. 95% of homes are not fit to live in. The population lives in emergency housing. In June 2019, ABF handed over a new, functional and safe structure to the Community, which was constructed in 150 working days.


“Break the Barriers” combats poverty by supporting and promoting projects that provide assistance to citizens of developing countries and/or those in situations of poverty, illness, and with complex social issues that stunt or reduce their quality of life.

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