Children involved every year


Age range involved (16-19 Years)


School structures involved


Create through an activity that will be scheduled throughout the year, the conditions suitable to ensure young students:

  • The discovery and understanding of their own interests and talents
  • Knowledge of the world and the complex reality that surrounds them
  • Dialogue, comparison and the search for new meanings and life perspectives
  • Contact with prestigious public, profit and non-profit institutions involved in the activities of the ABF
  • Opportunity to become their own leader and that of their communities in the area of their talent, experimenting in real relationship contexts.

Project details


Municipality of Florence, Department of Youth Policies, Municipality of Florence, Schools in the Tuscany Region, Regional Education Office for Tuscany.


  • Organisation of workshops 
  • Conception of the vocational path 
  • Creation of the Youth Committee for San Firenze
  • Practical experiences and experimentation in complex contexts.


Within the context of this agreement, GlobaLab is an empowerment programme aimed at young people between the age of 16 and 25 in the two segments 16-19 and 19-25. The basis is a proposal for scholastic-orientation and not – which is rooted in a deep bond between the quality of individual existence and the need to enhance and strengthen opportunities for relationships, experimentation and reflection that focus on research, the discovery and care of one’s own talents and intelligence as well as that of others.  During the 2021-2022 GlobaLab school years, the first cycle of workshops was launched for fourth and fifth year senior secondary school students; following the workshops, ABF opened an ideas contest targeting young people.

Talent4You – The 2021-2022 pilot project is a contest that targets the identification of ideas to enhance their design, encouraging new forms of orientation. After being selected, a group of male and female students will have the opportunity to participate in a training and orientation course with the foundations educationalists. The cycle consists of 4 face-to-face meetings and a 5-day trip to Israel and Palestine in September 2022.


The GlobaLab project structures its proposal based on two models of approach to human development:

  • Life cycle approach 
  • Capability approach 

which analyse the features of the different transition stages in the lives of young people (intertwined with different psychological and physical development. 

The result is the development of  capability contexts, offering young people opportunities for orientation and growth, for  conscious development of their own life plan.

In fact, the GlobaLab project envisages not only the strengthening of an individual’s abilities, but also the enrichment of the social context through high level and valuable opportunities for practical experiences. These two dimensions will be carefully differentiated with respect to the growth opportunities offered, and in the related support to the actual contextualisation, experimentation and measurement of one’s skills and abilities in complex situations according to the subjects.


“Break the Barriers” combats poverty by supporting and promoting projects that provide assistance to citizens of developing countries and/or those in situations of poverty, illness, and with complex social issues that stunt or reduce their quality of life.

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