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  • Maintaining continuity in the access to musical education and to the development of talent;
  • Working with young students to bring them to an approach to the world of professionalism;
  • Offer a point of reference in the national advanced training scene;
  • Consolidating the project activities of the region by creating an integrated project system.

Project details


Adesso Musica, Pianofriends, Municipality of Camerino


The Andrea Bocelli Foundation built the new facility on a direct contract, coordinating the activities with the central and local offices of the Extraordinary Commissioner for Reconstruction.


After the construction of the “Giacomo Leopardi” school in Sarnano, and of the primary school in Muccia in the province of Macerata, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation started a new project in Camerino, in the Marche Region, aimed at building the new Palazzo della Musica which was destroyed by the earthquake that hit Central Italy in 2016, which has been keeping on tormenting that land ever since. The project, for the benefit of over 160 students and thanks to an extant agreement with the Conservatory of Fermo, allows the new facility to host not only the lessons for enrolled students, but also to serve as a branch office of the Conservatory, thus playing a role that is even more significant for the area.

The project will involve the Municipality of Camerino, the Associations of the region, the University, the musical high schools and the Conservatory of Fermo, which has already exceptionally granted a long-term multiannual agreement.

ABF will not only take care of construction of the building but, together with the aforementioned institutions, it will take action to strengthen the music facility and to make it self-sustainable, if possible, adding it to the network of the other local and national experiences it deals with. The new facility, which will be built with modern and anti-seismic construction techniques, will host themed classrooms, common areas and an auditorium.


On 24 August 2016 at 3.36am Central Italy was hit by an earthquake with magnitude of 6.0, which affected the regions of Abruzzo, Lazio, Marche and Umbria. Thousands of people were involved in the event that caused 299 victims, numerous injuries and severe damage to the area. On 26 and 30 October, new violent earthquakes hit central Italy, in particular the border between Umbria and Marche. The 30 October earthquake – whose magnitude was 6.5 – was the strongest in Italy in the last thirty years. 95% of homes are now unusable. People live in Emergency Housing Units. In June 2019, ABF delivered to the Community a new functional and safe structure built in 150 days from the beginning of construction. 


“Break the Barriers” combats poverty by supporting and promoting projects that provide assistance to citizens of developing countries and/or those in situations of poverty, illness, and with complex social issues that stunt or reduce their quality of life.

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