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“Challenges” operates in the field of SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH AND SOCIAL INNOVATION and aims at welcoming important challenges in terms of investments to be made as well as results to be achieved, in a desire to allow all of those with economic or social difficulties to succeed in expressing themselves.
This program wants to bring together the best minds to find innovative solutions to help people cope with and overcome limitations imposed by their disability/discomfort and contribute to improving the living conditions of many people.

Break the barriers

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“Break the Barriers” – FIGHTING POVERTY operates to support and promote projects that help the weaker classes of the population in Italy and in Developing Countries in which conditions of poverty, illnesses, malnutrition and complex social situations nullify or reduce their expectations of life.
The Foundation aims at promoting intervention in favour of health, education and social integration and wants to do so by measuring, as far as possible, the effects of its intervention with the objective of constant improvement.