The meeting with the Papal Charities: “Let us go out of our homes and put our families in the service of those who are in need”

Andrea Bocelli has taken part in the celebrations dedicated to the elderly in Saint Peter’s Square, on the 28th of September, singing during the Mass of the Pope. This has been also the occasion for a new meeting among the Almoner of Pope Francis, Father Konrad Krajewski, and the top management of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. ABF has renewed its willingness to support the valuable work of emergency aid for the most desperate cases, in order to help the needy and the poor who often lose even family references.

For any urgent appeal from the parishes around the world, the Papal Charities has a prompt answer.

“The first time I met Father Konrad I was struck by his desk – says the President of ABF Laura Biancalani – on it there were stacks and stacks of letters each containing a plea for help, and all of them were bearing writings such as: call, answer, written by Father Konrad or by the Holy Father himself. The visit was followed by explanations and precise indications, on how this activity is carried out, either through direct operations, where possible, or indirectly, through the relevant Parishes.

The Foundation operates mainly on structured projects that are aimed at the empowerment of people and communities, but devotes also some resources to emergency interventions which have a strong impact on people’s needs. With these interventions we also want to spread the culture of generosity and a choral invitation to open our families to the neighbors in need, because as Pope Francesco reminds us “True power is service.” On this occasion, ABF has started to collaborate with the Office of Papal Charities for this emergency assistance, through a project for the homeless of Rome.

“On the day when elders and grandparents, strong symbols and points of reference for our families and for society are celebrated, we have thought it was right to give a tangible help, bearing in mind the words that Father Konrad himself has taught us: “Let us go out of our homes and put our families in the service of those who are in need”.