The meeting was attended by Minister Valditara and our Founder Andrea Bocelli, Vice-Chair Veronica Berti and President Laura Biancalani

Rome, June 8, 2023 – Today the Memorandum of Understanding between the Italian Ministry of Education and Merit and ABF was renewed to promote educational projects aimed at guaranteeing the right to well-being and education for children and teenagers.

In the afternoon, Minister Giuseppe Valditara together with Maestro Andrea Bocelli and the Foundation’s senior management signed the agreement, which promotes a collaboration aimed at the dissemination of the innovative educational programs developed by ABF that focus on vocational guidance and methodological and educational innovation via the languages of music, art and new technologies in schools and Hospital Schools. In order to guarantee the launch and monitoring of the initiatives and actions outlined in the Memorandum, a working Group coordinated by the MEM was established, composed of representatives from the ministry and the foundation. The meeting was also an opportunity to update the Minister on the status of the Foundation’s initiatives and the results already achieved during the initial phases of the pilot projects launched mainly in the Marche, a region where ABF has completed projects after the 2016 earthquake, rebuilding 3 schools in 150 days.

“Implementing educational projects that encourage every child’s talent is a gesture with immense pedagogical value. ABF’s commitment to guaranteeing the well-being of many children and teenagers is commendable and perfectly embodies the concept of ‘merit’ that I have demanded since day one of my mandate at the MEM. Indeed, merit is not a high-class or elitist principle but the ability to enhance the qualities of every student, regardless of the family’s social class or vulnerabilities. Together with ABF, the Ministry accompanies children on their journey of growth, using the universal language of art and music to shine a light on their abilities. Helping us in this ambitious project is the use of new digital technologies, to offer cutting-edge and inclusive education”, stated Minister Giuseppe Valditara.

Together, the MEM and ABF are striving to work, first and foremost, with a specific focus on those who find themselves in unfavorable social, economic, and cultural contexts. Furthermore, the intent of the Memorandum is to create models for approaching projects and collaboration between third-sector entities and public administrations in order to create educational and social promotion projects, as well as through the acquisition of the experiences gained by ABF.

“I welcome the renewal of a successful collaboration that reaffirms how it is not only possible, but how the virtuous circle that is set in motion when the public and private spheres unite forces is valuable and fruitful,” – stated our Founder Andrea Bocelli – “Together, we can do so much more. Faced with the challenge of continuously offering accessible, effective, and quality education to form the citizens of tomorrow, the foundation that bears my name is pleased and honored to strengthen our cooperation with an institutional administrative partner, in our shared determination to build tangible projects and give people and communities a valuable legacy.”

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Ente Filantropico, whose mission is “Empowering people and communities”, creates and promotes projects that focus on enhancing the full expression of the potential of people and the communities in which the Foundation chooses to work.

ABF has chosen education as the key to fostering the construction of pathways that lead us to write stories of growth, beauty, and opportunity together, which offer real opportunities for empowerment where poverty, disease and complex social situations or natural disasters negate or reduce the quality of life. The Foundation strongly believes that caring for someone means taking care of their education with the use of innovative approaches and tools, which recognize art, music, and digital as valuable resources.

Furthermore, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation works to restore decent living conditions through its projects that range from offering access to medical care, to recovery services for humanitarian emergencies, and basic necessities such as clean water.