The Maestro was given a Master’s Degree in Social Policies and Services Management for the humanitarian work of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation – Ente Filantropico.

On Tuesday, November 14, in the Aula Magna Storica of the Federico II University, our founder Andrea Bocelli was awarded an Honorary Degree in “Social Policies and Services Management” for the humanitarian work that the foundation that bears his name has been carrying out since 2011, pursuing its mission of “empowering people and communities”.

Dean Lorito and Vittorio Amato, Director of the Department of Political Science at the University of Naples Federico II, spoke about the tenor’s merits. Paola De Vivo, Coordinator of the Master’s Degree Program in Social Policies and Services Management, delivered the Laudatio Academica.

“Beauty that will save the world” and the “ability of art and music to soften the soul” were central themes in Andrea Bocelli’s guest lecture, in which he said: “Fundamentally, I take this degree to be a testament of affection and the confirmation of the regard felt for the efforts I have always made in bringing our culture, especially our musical culture, to every corner of the world”. 

“We have attempted (and continue to attempt) to follow the teachings contained in a maxim attributed to Socrates (and so many other enlightened minds that came after him), which emphasizes that “education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel”. Our purpose is precisely to kindle so many flames that, one day, when they are many, they may break up the darkness. I am not referring exclusively to one place in particular, such as Haiti where ABF has been working since the very beginning, as the darkness I refer to is that of a reality that afflicts so many parts of the world, where wars exist, and with them wickedness and selfishness, and all that makes us sad and distressed. Even in such a predicament, beauty has much to do. And its task is crucial. Indeed, through beauty, one can clearly and easily teach children – those little flames that will light up the world – how all conflict is nothing but an intellectual accident”. Andrea Bocelli

After the awarding of the honorary degree, our founder treated those present to an impromptu performance dedicated to the Foundation’s top management, team members, volunteers, and especially to some of the talented young people from the Rione Sanità neighborhood, who flocked to the Aula Magna to celebrate him and who make up the “ABF Voices of Italy – Naples” choir, which was inaugurated by the Foundation on August 21 in order to create opportunities for growth, empowerment, for the future citizens of tomorrow.