One month away from the day when hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, the school ABF – St Luc St Augustin situated in Laserengue, Abricot, an area among the hardest hit, last November 7th reopened its doors to its more than 900 students. The structure that, in the first days, received the homeless families and hosted the activities of the Mobile Clinic project that assisted thousands of people, is back to full educational activity, though with some difficulties, for the necessary integration of the classes due to the unavailability of some classrooms. Hence, the decision to realize the construction of a temporary structure suitable to accommodate students from the integrated classes, in order to restore the smooth running of courses and the continuation of studies, according to the ministerial program. The same temporary structure will be realized in the Community of Dame Marie, where Manitane School has suffered serious damages. Also here more than 200 students will start once again their educational path. At the same time also the fundraising activities for the restoration of the two school structures are going on, and works will soon start.

Your big generosity can continue to help a lot of kids and families destroyed by the Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. We want to join forces to let children go back to school as well as help their families get back to their life style after all the disaster. We are helping them focusing on the following points:
1- Rebuilding the house of each family (around 3,000 families affected in the community where ABF schools are located)
2- Feeding the whole family for a period of 3 months by providing them food supplies until they get better;
3- Helping them providing livestock and agriculture tools to enable them to survive by themselves;
4- Giving them periodically medical care through the Mobile Clinic activities to avoid cholera and other diseases, do prevention and treat possible diseases.

We would like to have you on our side!
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