Dear friend, dear friend of ABF,

From today our Foundation’s website presents a major novelty: the new online donation page!

We have worked to make credit card online donation even easier and allow you to personalize your support by choosing the project you want to contribute to.

ABF has adopted the most advanced computer security systems, thus allowing you to make the payment ensuring safe transactions.

Another important innovation is that the new donation page allows you to become a regular donor of the Foundation.

Thanks to regular donations, your support for our projects will be more effective because it will allow us to better plan long-term interventions such as our educational projects linked to the entire school year and reduce the costs of fundraising activities.

Regular donations will allow you to be alongside ABF every day of the year, and will give so many children in Haiti and in Italy the possibility to develop and enhance their talents.

Finally, this kind of donation is more convenient for you as well, because you can decide the rate and amount of your contribution, which can be redistributed during the course of the year, and modified at any time.

Look for our new donation page, and become a regular ABF donor!