Through this donation you support ABF projects in Haiti dedicated to education offering the opportunity to the over 2,550 students of our schools, coming from 5 communities among the poorest and most remote of the island, to continue to have access to education medical care and art as a further expression of their talent and potential.

Education Projects in Haiti include:
– The Wheat project that guarantees access to education to 2,550 children in the ABF schools of Manitane, St. Philomene, St.Raphael and Notre Dame du Rosaire in Haiti;
– The ABF Mobile Clinic Project that quarterly reaches the 5 communities of Abricot Dame Marie, DeVarenne, Kenscoff and Croix-des- Bouquets to provide medical care and preventive support to the 2,550 children of ABF schools, to their families and to the needy people of the community itself;
– The project Voices of Haiti that promotes the inclusion of art, and in particular of music in school programs of ABF-St Luc schools in order to enhance talent and encourage full expression of children’s potential.