ABF is launching a fundraising campaign for its educational projects in Italy and Haiti for Christmas 2018 too. Thanks to your generous donation, these funds guarantee access to education to almost 3,000 students, offering them a unique opportunity to express their talent and potential.

The ABF educational projects in Italy and Haiti include:

– The reconstruction project of the “E.De Amicis” pre-school and elementary school in Muccia, the Marches region, as the previous building was rendered unfit for use by the earthquake swarm that hit the center of Italy in 2016.

–  the Wheat project that guarantees access to education for 2,550 children of the ABF-Fondation St Luc schools in St. Augustin, Manitane, St. Philomene, St.Raphael and Notre Dame du Rosaire in Haiti.

– the Voices of Haiti project that promotes the inclusion of art, and music in particular, in the school programs of the ABF-St Luc schools to enhance talent and encourage the full expression of students’ potential.

You can send your donation via a voluntary donation by credit card or by choosing one of our e-cards.

Donate now and Christmas will be all the merrier!

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