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On April 2, 2015, Andrea Bocelli and his family, along with representatives from the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, visited the NPH Haiti St. Damien Pediatric Hospital. Their visit began in the Maternity Surgery Center, which they have been supporting since the summer of 2012 with Virginia Project. The Andrea Bocelli Foundation group also visited the HIV program where Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, Executive Director of St. Damien, explained the milestones and the results reached after 25 years in terms of HIV awareness and treatment in the country. Since January 2015, the HIV Program has become part of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation activities in Haiti. The Foundation hopes to bring more effort and contributions in the next steps to combat HIV transmission. Maestro Bocelli, founder of Andrea Bocelli Foundation, celebrated this valuable team work by declaring his special closeness to the Haitian people, sharing with everyone the following words: “Only working together, hand in hand, we can do something great that goes beyond ourselves.