Thanks to our “With You” SMS solidarity campaign, since 2017 ABF has built 3 functional and safe buildings in Sarnano, Muccia and Camerino and developed innovative and inclusive educational programs for the families of today and the citizens of tomorrow.

San Ginesio, MC (September 1, 2021) – San Ginesio welcomes the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, which is renewing its commitment to the Marche region in its desire to once again support the communities affected by the terrible 2016 earthquake. Following on from the 3 buildings that have already been built – in just 150 days of construction each – ABF has accepted a new challenge, in partnership with the offices of the Special Commissioner for Reconstruction. A rebuilding project for the new “R. FRAU” Vocational High School for Industry and Craftsmanship, in its San Ginesio (MC) location, that will see the construction of a school designed and developed according to the guidelines of the Foundation’s team of experts.

San Ginesio is a medieval town of 3,300 inhabitants, where 95% of the public buildings and 68% of private homes are uninhabitable. Before the earthquake, the “R. FRAU” Vocational High School for Industry and Craftsmanship had over 150 students enrolled, a number that then fell to less than half of this due to the school’s temporary structure, which was first located on the 3rd floor of San Ginesio Middle School and then moved to the former Youth Center in Passo San Ginesio.

“For San Ginesio, it is a great honor and an immense source of satisfaction to get the opportunity to collaborate with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation to rebuild the new “R. Frau” Vocational High School. Finally something which until yesterday seemed impossible has been set in motion thanks to the great work we have done together with the Special Commissioner Giovanni Legnini and made possible by the generosity of ABF, which will soon allow our town to make use of one of its historic institutes again. All the students who will attend this school will breathe new life into it, together with the entire community of San Ginesio, which will be involved through the many activities that will be offered in the future.  The relaunch of this important town will entail new challenges to build a future worthy of the past. With the new “R. Frau” Vocational High School – and in addition to the “Mechanics, Electronics and Automation” section that has already been launched – San Ginesio is preparing to become a place that welcome students with the possibility of offering boarding and new courses which, together with the “Wood and Furniture” course, will see the incorporation of music and musical instruments. On behalf of myself and the entire community of San Ginesio, I would like to extend my thanks to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and to the generous gesture that it is about to make,” – Giliano Ciabocco, San Ginesio Mayor.

ABF will work alongside the Special Commissioner for the Reconstruction to rebuild the new school that will be handed over “turnkey” to the Municipality of San Ginesio: the Foundation will take on the role of designer and project manager.  There will dedicated spaces and equipment for two study courses: Mechanics/Electronics/Automation/Robotics/Industrial IT and Wood/Furniture/Design and Violin Making (currently being developed). Even the common living and social spaces, such as the entrance and the assembly hall, will feature an innovative layout in order to foster exchange and the participation of everyone within the school’s internal and external spaces.

“I would like to sincerely thank the Bocelli Foundation for donating this project and the entire technical management to rebuild the new school in San Ginesio and, once again, for what it has already done with the schools of Sarnano, Camerino and Muccia. The schools are vital educational and social spaces for the growth and development of the areas affected by the 2016-17 earthquake,” – Giovanni Legnini, Special Commissioner for the Reconstruction for the 2016 earthquake – “After completing the census of schools to be rebuilt, a plan is currently being drafted to repair and reconstruct all those that have been damaged in the four regions, more than 400 of them, for which there are over 600 million euro available. The contribution that private individuals can make, as the Bocelli Foundation is doing, provides valuable quality and conveys great generosity towards the people affected by the earthquake.”

“With this fourth rebuilding project in the schools in the Marche region, ABF is happy to do its part to give a better future to the communities affected by the earthquake in 2016– states Laura Biancalani, President of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. “These important initiatives would not be possible without the fundamental support of public institutions also, and the people who support ABF, which includes private citizens in Italy and abroad.” 

Creating aesthetically beautiful educational spaces that are well-kept and welcoming, where students can build and strengthen their identity through a myriad of opportunities to build relationships with others and socialize, talk, discuss and exchange ideas, spaces that are able to welcome, influence and enhance the contribution of every student in a multi- and interdisciplinary perspective by investing in continuous education: these are the foundations of ABF’s work, which celebrated its 10th anniversary of “empowering people and communities” in 2021.

Many projects have been completed in Italy and overseas to benefit thousands of students and their communities and all this is thanks to everyone’s generous, ongoing contribution. Specifically, in the areas hit by the 2016 earthquake, ABF has raised significant amounts with its SMS solidarity campaigns promoted in collaboration with Rai and Rai per il Sociale, which have also decided to support the foundation with this new project. Everyone can donate as always. The “With You, to shape the future” campaign for the San Ginesio project will be launched on September 1 and will culminate in the Domenica In special that will be broadcast on October 3 on RaiUno with an episode dedicated to our founder and ABF.