Acting on individuals in order to offer them concrete opportunities to express their potential, acting on communities in order to offer them important points of reference for their growth and development. This is the work carried out by ABF, day after day, in Italy, Haiti and in other Countries in which poverty and needs hinder the fulfillment of the potential of people and communities.

20 million invested in projects in 6 years of activity, 7 schools built, over 3,000 children benefit from free education, 21.000 gallons of water are distributed every day, within the HIV Program 800 households benefit from regular help and support, 8,000 people receive basic health care.

However, behind these figures there are first and foremost faces that speak to us, smiles, hugs, working joint hands, miles driven and encounters. Beyond every Vision and Mission there is the willingness to do good deeds, there is trust, listening and confrontation. Working with and for people.

“In 2018 ABF is a sound organization – explains the Founder Andrea Bocelli- with an proven track record in terms of figures, a credibility gained on the field and a large and dynamic operational office: in the headquarters operations never stop, we work around the clock, thanks to the 5 full time operators and as much consultants permanently active, with 12 volunteers on site every week and over 40 volunteers attending events and about 70 people working on each event”.

A living lab, which has strengthened over the years, very broad, benefiting from internal resources, qualified consultants like KPMG for accounting and audit services, Altura Labs for web analysis, promotion and fundraising activities, as well as digital training for the ABF Team.

As a result, at present ABF boasts two ongoing intervention programs: Challenges and Break the Barriers.

In the scientific research field with the Challenges Program, the Foundation has already achieved some of its set targets, in discovering a device that allows blind people to conduct a more independent life, and there is still so much to do.

Within the Break the Barriers Program ABF has educational, health, commodities and empowerment projects, based on a systemic approach which aims at placing the individual at the center of the system, taking care of their potential.

But ABF puts words into actions, giving a concrete answer to needs and poverty.

“Last year marked a turning point for the Projects of the Foundation – affirms Andrea Bocelli – with the materialization of a thoroughly pondered ambition, i.e. Widening the field of action also to Italy. Indeed, we were able to build in just 150 days, a school for the students of Sarnano, one village in the Marches region amongst the most affected by the earthquake in 2016”. A school for the students but at the same time open at the whole community, featuring active IT, music, culture and sports laboratories.

In just 7 years ABF has a sound track record of important results that today can be translated in trust and confidence and in the willingness to do even more, with 20 million euros raised in total, 6 million in 2017 of which 80% has already been allocated to ongoing projects

“At the horizon we can see new challenges to take on, around the World and also in Italy, further choices, responsibilities and partnerships – adds Andrea Bocelli. And the certainty of an Adventure, your Adventure, our Adventure which will certainly do so much more for others”.

Report 2017