On Thursday, October 1 in Camerino, to celebrate the inauguration of the new Music Academy, built by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation in just 148 days, Renato Zero, Marco Masini, Serena Autieri, Giovanni Caccamo, Andrea Griminelli, Anastasiya Petryshak, Luca Tommassini, Andrea Paris, Carlo Bernini and Ilaria Della Bidia will take to the stage alongside our Founder.

The Extraordinary Commissioner, Giovanni Legnini, will also be in attendance at the ceremony.

You can watch the ceremony live, on È TV or on the social channels of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation: the inauguration of Camerino Music Academy, on Thursday, October 1 at 3.30 pm, will feature many outstanding names who, together with Maestro Bocelli, will take to the stage for a musical baptism that promises to be memorable.

The first notes of the new Academy, which was built in less than 150 days thanks to the funds and oversight of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, will see stars of the caliber of Renato Zero, Marco Masini, Serena Autieri, Giovanni Caccamo, Andrea Griminelli, Anastasiya Petryshak, Luca Tommassini, Andrea Paris, Carlo Bernini and Ilaria Della Bidia in attendance, in addition to the Tuscan tenor.

These are just a few of the artists who have so generously and kindly supported ABF’s project during the 2019 fundraising campaign (“With You, For a New Beginning”). On Thursday they too, virtually together with all the people who donated and gave their own little yet great contribution, will celebrate the third great achievement of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation – after the schools in Sarnano and Muccia – in the area hit by the 2016 earthquake.

This building in Camerino is giving the community of this university town a modern, anti-seismic and fitting Home of Music, which has been designed by the Alvisi Kirimoto architectural studio along with Harcome.

The 40 talented young people who make up the local wind orchestra will also take part in the ribbon cutting ceremony. Alongside ABF’s top management and the Mayor of Camerino, Sandro Sborgia, there will be national and regional authorities, including the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Reconstruction, Giovanni Legnini.

With this third project completed by ABF in the crater of the earthquake that hit the Marche region, the investment – for the buildings only – stands at approximately six million euro. A significant figure also considering the positive effects in terms of employment (as the construction sites mainly employed local workers).

The academy has been named after Bocelli’s great maestro and fellow tenor, the Marche-born Franco Corelli. Spanning 700 m2 and complete with an auditorium, it cost 1,900,000 euro to build.

The ceremony will be held outside the building, in front of a gallery, to which access will be limited to a small number of people – in order to comply with current health regulations.

Just a short distance away, the Municipality has created a much bigger area that will be able to accommodate 600 spectators who can safely watch the ceremony, which will projected live on a big screen.

The municipal administration has notified us that a limited amount of seats are still available for the event, which can be booked by registering at the following link:


The project’s partners include: the Fondazione De Agostini, Poligrafici Editoriale, the Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, the Associazione Adesso Musica, the PSC Group, Subissati, The Senate of the Republic, Fabbrini Pianoforti, Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America, the Mike Ferry Organization, the Stewart Rahr Foundation, Stefano Ricci SpA, and the Columbus Citizens Foundation, together with Luxy, the Blackfin, Fondazione Varaldo di Pietro, Rotary Club Montecarlo-Piana di Lucca, Club Zeta3mendi, Confartigianato Cremona – Gruppo Liutai E Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria, Italy For Christ, SIAE, Shure, Lenovo, Amitie Sans Frontieres Firenze, Ermenegildo Gnutti, Targetti, Gruppo Giardini, and the Lions Club Busseto.