The project to rebuild the local Music Academy has been given the official green light with the signing of the construction agreement between the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and the Municipality of Camerino by ABF President, Laura Biancalani and the Mayor of the Marche town, Sandro Sborgia, on October 21. The signing of the agreement set in motion the operational mechanisms of the Foundation to give back a fitting “home” of music to the University town, one which is worthy of the noble educational and artistic tradition that has distinguished the cultural life of Camerino for centuries.

The boundary delimitation of the site in late December marks another step forward just a few days after the works were given the official green light, which will coincide with the start of the 150 days of work, which is the schedule that ABF has set to complete the project and hand over the school to the community – bolstered, as is well known, by its similar, virtuous experiences in Sarnano and Muccia.

The new Music Academy will be built on two levels, which will be connected by an internal elevator. Architecturally, it will be a modern, yet understated building, which will feature a stylized visual allusion to the unique “keys” of wind instruments in its series of openings to the exterior.

The Academy will span 350 m2 on each floor, amounting to a total surface area of 700 m2. A 226-m2 auditorium will be located on the basement floor. On the upper floor, the building will have 10 classrooms for teaching, two of which will span more than 30 m2  and 8 of which will be around 14 m2. There will also be an office, as well as a connective space that will hold the main entrance and provide access to the classrooms.  We hope these spaces will be ready – by summer 2020 – to welcome the Academy’s 160 students, their teachers, as well as others… Like all ABF schools, this new building will be open all year long and will host conferences, events, study activities and/or workshops that serve the community with the intent to give back to Camerino a role as a point of reference for the Marche region and beyond.