For a million reasons, both tangible and heartfelt, bolstered by trust and the facts, make your donation to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation! Once again this year, ABF is boldly relaunching its “Con Te” fundraising campaign, which remains a vital tool for supporting the Foundation’s projects within Italy and abroad.

The slogan, “With you we can make the difference”, takes shape from the message of Andrea Bocelli himself, who – with words filled with gratitude – is speaking to each of us, reminding us that “With you we take education, health care, water and hope to entire communities. With you we work so that those who deserve it can express their full potential. With you we develop talent, with you we build a lifetime of opportunities and beauty”.

In the coming days, many television networks, radio stations, newspapers and websites are freely carrying our campaign so that we can increasingly make the difference, together. Make your donation to ABF on: