On May 7, our Vice-Chair was invited to speak in Florence,  in front of the Odeon audience packed with students, at a meeting organized by the Smart Future Academy. The project was created to help young people understand themselves and “what they want to do when they grow up”, thanks to the encounter with important personalities from the professional world.

The event, organized by President Lilli Adriana Franceschetti, also featured the participation of the ScuolaZoo staff this year, offering an innovative and lively format. Speakers were asked to talk about themselves, their experience, tell young people how it is possible to achieve personal and work fulfillment by following their passion which entails commitment, study, discipline but also joy and fun.

“I hope you can recognize opportunities, always starting from offering them to yourself”, stressed Veronica in her closing remarks. I truly hope that each of you can find, along your way, a person who will do for you what Andrea did – to me, who puts a hand on your shoulder and empowers you by saying:  “you do it, I trust you”.

The “Smart Future Academy” project was created in 2017, it is a non-profit initiative promoted by volunteers and in the school year just ended it counted over 15,000 participants.