“Just like in opera, those 90 minutes in the limelight of an illuminated rectangle: soccer – a life-long passion of mine – bestows emotions akin to the magic of opera. In terms of the ritual, in its ability to attract healthy exaltation and boisterous partisanship, soccer also projects life through a playful experience, evokes challenges to the death, generous impulses, fatal stumbles and magnificent achievements. Just as in opera, so it is on the field, we find an arena of heroes: the actors of the dream that we choose to live, acrobats who run, miming battle, express creative virtuosities, fall and rise again, exposed to the judgment (strictly biased) of the bleachers, ever poised between glory and defeat”.

These words come from a speech by our Founder, Andrea Bocelli’s reflections that today come back to take on renewed relevance, bringing together soccer, music and solidarity in a single embrace.

Indeed, first Pisa Soccer Club, and then the Italian Second Division League have recently decided to support the reconstruction project for the Camerino Music Academy. In Italian stadiums, for the matches of the second professional division of the Italian soccer championship, the SMS Solidarity number was everywhere – in the second and third weekends of September – dedicated to the “With You, for a New Beginning – ABF for Camerino” campaign.

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