Erci-EDU Elpida

  • Erci-EDU Elpida
  • Erci-EDU Elpida
  • Erci-EDU Elpida
  • Erci-EDU Elpida
  • Erci-EDU Elpida
  • Erci-EDU Elpida
  • Erci-EDU Elpida

The partner

E.R.C.I. – Emergency Response Centre International

The project

ERCI-Edu is a pilot migrant and refugee integration project housed by Elpida and implemented by E.R.C.I. The project is part of the school education programme for refugee children who get to grips with the new culture of the host Country and the new reality they are sharing through subjects such as mathematics, English and Arabic, to promote dialogue and integration. Teaching tools supporting the activity are highly technological to enable greater learning effectiveness and use of platforms that are increasingly becoming the interfaces of communication. Students are aged between 4 and 17 and come from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.


Promote integration and contribute to the development of knowledge that supports becoming familiar with a new culture. Create opportunities for international attention to the plight of migrants and refugees.

Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries

  • Number of direct beneficiaries: 80
  • Number of indirect beneficiaries: 100

The context

The Elpida project is based on the Thessalonica coast in Greece. The project stems from the will of private and public investors to provide refugees with accommodation from where to start their lives anew in a more comfortable, stable situation than a refugee camp. The 140 guests of Elpida are called on to take an active part in the project. The 6,000 m2 space is managed by the guests themselves in an innovative self-management system, where people are expected to play an active role in reorganising their lives and daily activities.

ABF actions

Complete supply of technological teaching materials for the development of the project and promotion in Italy of the fast teaching model developed for its replicability.

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Place: Thessaloniki – Greece