I had the precious and unique chance to see a great show, with all the most beautiful arias from operas so dear to my heart and interpreted by “my favorite tenor”, through the eyes of the 150 children from the communities of Muccia and Sarnano who were the young protagonists of “La notte di Andrea Bocelli” (The fundraising initiative carried out during the evening was actually dedicated to them.)

About 150 students accompanied by representatives of the two communities were welcomed at their arrival at the Arena by a couple of professional dancers who with an extraordinary pas de deux left everyone literally speechless.

The wait of the many guests and spectators, together with the Mayors and the Special Commissioner for the Reconstruction, Paola De Micheli, was rewarded by seeing in their eyes the amazement for the lights, the colors, the masses that moved and sang at the our side. It was amazing. As well as trying to answer their dozens of questions about the show, about Maestro Bocelli. And their great emotions, together with mine, in seeing their schools and their houses on the big screens rising above us.

Alessio from Muccia and Andrea from Sarnano were the spokespeople of the two communities who on stage respectively spoke about their emotions for the much desired the new school and the beautiful journey of the 150 days together in Sarnano, almost like if then passed one to the other an imaginary baton.

Every day I thank God for having the privilege of doing a job that allows me to touch the lives of people and children. Everything finds a meaning in their eyes and in their emotions.