2020, March the 24th

In just a few days from the launch of the fundraising campaign in favor of the Covid Hospital in Camerino, we have reached the target of 100,000 euros which have allowed us to send to the hospital facility 4 lung ventilators.

We have decided not to stop here, thanks to your generosity, ABF continues to raise funds to support additional hospitals and departments dedicated to the treatment of COVID-19 patients and provide equipment, materials as well as personal protection equipment. Our ambition is to do much more together, all united by an imaginary bridge of solidarity and hope.

The new goal right now is to raise an additional 50,000 euros, as we believe that alone we can do a lot be but together we can do much more.


We strongly believe in the value of staying close, united, in this moment, because only love and solidarity are able to bridge and erase that physical distance that is now imposed on us.

With You, it will all be fine.
With you, we will be able to rediscover the strength of a hug.
With you, to draw the future.