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The Fundraising Campaign is now open: take part to this new Challenge to bring education and hope to many children.

Andrea Bocelli Foundation launches a new Project in Muccia, in the Marches, to rebuild the pre-school and the primary school destroyed by the earthquake swarm that hit the Center of Italy in 2016 and which keeps tormenting that area.

After building the ‘Giacomo Leopardi’ school in Sarnano, in the province of Macerata, inaugurated last May and realized in just 150 days, the Foundation has decided to realize a new building applying the same approach  in Muccia, just a few kilometers from the second earthquake “crater”. The project whose beneficiaries will be pre-school and first grade students has already been set: the demolition of the remains of the old facility and the new building will take place within a concerted action plan with the Special Commissioner for the Reconstruction.  Like for Sarnano, the new school will be donated to the local administration as a “turnkey” project.

As of today in Muccia almost the totality of the households still live in container houses and children are attending their classes in containers; 95% of houses is not fit to live in, however there is a strong willingness and determination to remain in the area that wins over the issues and challenges tied to having to reorganize one’s daily life. This is the reason why ABF has decided to give back to this Community one key reference point: the school for the students and their families which will be a safe and functional facility offering a space both for educational and community activities. “Our Mission of Empowering People and Communities, drives our actions as we strive to conceive mid-long term projects in order to create and/or restore living conditions which foster the full expression of the potential of individuals and communities. In Muccia too, this project goes beyond the emergency”  –  states Vice-Chairman Veronica Berti Bocelli.

The fundraising activity has already started and there are several ways to give a contribution. In particular from August 26 to September 11 there will be a new Fundrasing Campaign with the Solidarity SMS linked to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation project “Con  Te  –  Educare  per Crescere” to donate from Italian cell phones at 45580.

It will be possible to donate by calling a landline Italian number and donate 5 and 10 euros and/or by texting from Italian cell phone lines and donate 2 euros. Alternatively it is possible to send a donation by bank transfer to the account named out to Andrea Bocelli Foundation, IBAN no.  IT78G0523271030000000013903 or by credit card on the following page: donate.andreabocellifoundation.org/project/central-italy-earthquake-emergency.