The SMS Solidarity Campaign is back for the Celebrity Fight Night in Italy.

The highlight of the 5th Edition of the International Philanthropic Marathon will be on Saturday September 8th at the Verona Arena and on that occasion a new important Fundraising Initiative to support the “Andrea Bocelli Foundation” projects will be launched.

The last edition of the concert organized by our Founder at the Colosseum had a great media resonance, with the participation of Elton John and many friends (like Sumi Jo, Steven Tyler, Aida Garifullina, Italian singer Renato Zero…): an event with outstanding guests and spectators, like Sharon Stone, Sophia Loren, Sarah Ferguson, Antonio Banderas, Susan Sarandon and Michael Caine, which represented the peak of the media visibility of the Fundraising Campaign with the Solidarity SMS linked to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation project “Educare per crescere”.

The proceeds of the 2017 Campaign brought a significant contribution to the reconstruction project of the “G.Leopardi” middle school in Sarnano (one of the villages mostly hit by the 2016 earthquake), which was rebuilt and opened in the record time of 150 days, on May 2nd 2018. The new SMS Campaign will be devoted to a new reconstruction project in Italy, in the areas hit by the earthquake in 2016, and it will be related to the access to education with the ambition to start again from young people, who are the future of communities, by giving back to them those places which represent, like the school, important reference points for their daily life.

Another event linked to the new SMS Fundraising Campaign to support the ABF educational projects will be “La Notte di Andrea Bocelli” on Saturday September 8th at the Verona Arena, dedicated to the great opera, presented in a new and highly theatrical scenic and choreographic setting paired with other forms of art – an epic show which will be recorded and broadcasted in prime time on Italian TV a few days later.