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The Network

The “Sandro Pertini” School in Capannoli (PI), the Municipality of Lajatico.

The Project

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation (ABF) has welcomed the “Zerosei Alessandro Bocelli Center” in Lajatico (Pisa) into its roster of projects that includes the building of educational centers and schools where the musical languages are encouraged, both as an educational tool for the children and as a source of aggregation and culture for the community.

The center welcomes children aged 3 months to 6 years old and features the clear influence of sound and musical languages, thereby identifying itself as a place that supports, enhances and develops an educational project that is shared with the families in the awareness of the history, culture and reference points of the community to which it belongs.

ABF’s decision to incorporate a music atelierista within the teaching team, expand the Center’s Music Workshop with new instruments and enhance it by donating a piano is rooted in the awareness that the natural tendency of children to share images, thoughts and emotions though communicative means based on complex rhythmic and melodic forms must be supported through environments that are rich and compelling in terms of opportunities for exploration, building and sharing.

The atelierista will work alongside a pedagogical coordinator, who will support the integration of musical activities with the educational activities that are already underway at the center. This will allow ABF to directly manage the educational-musical planning, which will be gradually merged into the pedagogical framework of the Zerosei Center. Furthermore, it will be indirectly involved in overseeing the shared educational initiatives, while supporting the teaching planning.


  1. Offer suitable conditions so that each child can develop their talent;
  2. Offer the appropriate musical instruments to allow the children to fully master the musical language;
  3. Offer an innovative resource for designing musical education experiences that are integrated within the broader planning carried out by the center;
  4. To provide significant support to the rural areas of the Alta Valdera, which find themselves facing demographic and environmental challenges every day;
  5. Coordination, research and training .

Number of beneficiaries

  • Number of children involved: 50
  • Number of teachers and educators: 10
  • Number of Lajatico inhabitants: 1,300
  • Number of Alta Valdera inhabitants: 11,900


The “Zerosei Alessandro Bocelli Education Center” in Lajatico was inaugurated in 2015 thanks to the Bocelli family’s donation of land to the Municipality of Lajatico for the construction of a school in memory of Andrea Bocelli’s father, Alessandro. Located in La Sterza – on State Road 439 that connects the Valdera with the Val di Cecina – it meets the need to offer a quality solution to those families forced to work away from their hometown due to the depopulation of rural areas, who find themselves commuting on the Volterra – Pontedera link.

ABF’s actions

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, ABF will implement the following actions:

  • Supply the instruments to set up the Musical Workshop;
  • Donate a (1) piano;
  • Incorporate and support a (1) music atelierista;
  • Enhance the initiatives offered via ABF’s pedagogical coordinator.

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Place: Lajatico (PI) Italy