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Fer Forgè

The Haitian fer forgés (wrought iron) are made by the skilled local artisans, following the traditional local culture of recycling. The row materials used are in fact oil barrels, which are made incandesced and then opened, so that the iron can be flattened and manually shaped with the help of hammer, chisel and nails. Lastly, the product is decorated, brushed and painted.

Through this procedure, the local artisans create any sort of hand made artifacts: wall decorations, bracelets, bowls, dishes, lamps and many more. In Port-au-Prince the whole neighborhood of Croixdes-Bouquets – where the ABF – Fondation St. Luc school of Notre Dame du Rosaire is located – is specifically dedicated to this activity.

The favourite subject of fer forgé artifacts is the Tree of life, which is the symbol of the Country, representing a sign of Life and Rebirth.