FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I contribute to the AB Foundation?

You can find all the ways to support ABF within our donation page

+ How does the AB Foundation raise money?

AB Foundation supports its work through voluntary contributions from Andrea (the founder), individuals, corporations, and foundations special events.

+ How does ABF distribute the money it raises?

ABF regularly evaluates its grant-making priorities within the context of the ever-changing challenges and needs within the 2 programmes. At the moment the resources are totally allocated.

+ Who do I contact to arrange for an Andrea Bocelli appearance/concert?

Please contact info@andreabocelli.com

+ Can ABF arrange for an Andrea’s autograph?

ABF cannot facilitate autograph or similar requests. Please contact info@andreabocelli.com  for this kind of requests.

+ Does ABF utilize volunteers?

ABF enlists volunteers particularly  from partnering. For more info

+ I am individual in needs, can ABF support me?

ABF does not give grants directly to individuals. If you send your details  we can direct your request to partnering operative organizations.